What to Expect

A reflexology session normally lasts 1 hour.  The first appointment usually lasts longer (up to 1½ hours) to allow for a detailed health consultation.  This allows the treatment (or course of treatments) to be focused and tailored to the individual’s needs.

During a reflexology session, the client lies bare-foot on a therapy couch (or reclining chair).  The therapist then works on all areas of the feet with the fingers and thumbs.  Mostly this is a very relaxing and pleasant experience.  Reflexologists are trained to identify imbalances in the reflexes, which they may feel as gritty, puffy or tight.  The client may feel some discomfort or tenderness at these points, which usually require extra attention during the reflexology session, to optimise the therapeutic effects.

After the reflexology session it is common to feel an increased sense of vitality and well-being, feelings of mental clarity or improvements in various symptoms.  It is also quite common to experience a sense of fatigue or a ‘foggy head’ for a day or two afterwards, particularly after the first couple of sessions, as the body adjusts and re-balances itself. It is important to drink enough water after a reflexology session to ensure the body is well hydrated.

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